Mobile team of therapists for psychiatric ailments

As a result of psychiatric ailments, many people are unable to live independently. Operating as a mobile therapy unit, ZithaUnit supports nursing homes and provides long-term psychiatric-therapeutic care.

About us

As of mid-2020, Zitha Consdorf has 44 single rooms for the long-term care of people with chronic psychiatric illnesses. Care is provided by the ZithaUnit mobile therapy team, set up at the beginning of 2021 on the basis of an agreement with the Luxembourg Ministry of Health.

Our Services

ZithaUnit is a qualified team of therapists specialised in psychiatric-therapeutic care for people with chronic psychiatric ailments. Since these people are incapable of meeting the socio-cultural demands of an autonomous life due to their illnesses, long-term care is unavoidable. Against this background, ZithaUnit is particularly concerned with supporting people who are dependent on help due to a chronic mental illness.



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In accordance with its statutes, the Fondation Ste Zithe supports Zitha operations in Luxembourg and Malawi. You can help too.