Fitness for body and mind

Physical activity in old age has a positive effect on body and mind. Based on scientific findings, ZithaAktiv helps promote health by offering advice and training.

About us

At the Centre de la mémoire et de la mobilité in Luxembourg City, ZithaAktiv offers a unique counselling and training service for senior citizens. An interdisciplinary team of doctors, psychologists, researchers as well as occupational therapists and physiotherapists work together to promote mental and physical fitness through individual programmes.

Our Services

Based on the latest scientific findings, ZithaAktiv services and offerings target four areas: prevention, diagnostics, consultation and therapy. For example, after a comprehensive consultation and diagnostic testing procedures, a training programme is developed reflecting a patient’s needs. Conducted under the supervision of medical professionals, the training programme not only has a preventive effect, but also aims to improve the quality of life in old age through continuous adjustments.



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In accordance with its statutes, the Fondation Ste Zithe supports Zitha operations in Luxembourg and Malawi. You can help too.