Fondation Ste Zithe

Snoezel room in the Seniorie St Jean de la Croix

Snoezel is the name given to a stay in a cosy room in which various calming and pleasant sensory perceptions are offered. Invigorating or calming fragrances, soft sounds or melodies, soft textures, plays of light and visual effects are used to appeal to all of the visitor’s senses.

Snoezeln has a calming, relaxing and energising effect and stimulates self-awareness. It is a therapeutic activity that increases well-being and can alleviate or positively influence both physiological and psychological problems.

We are delighted to be able to finance a Snoezel room for the residents of the Seniorie St Jean de la Croix.

On behalf of the residents, we would like to thank all the donors who have made this project possible.

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Seit 1872 folgt die Zitha auf Basis christlicher Werte den Idealen Hilfsbereitschaft, Mitgefühl und Menschlichkeit, um in Luxemburg und Malawi ihren Dienst am Menschen zu erfüllen. Helfen auch Sie.

Jede Hilfe zählt

Wir hören einander offen, ehrlich interessiert und einfühlsam zu. Dazu gehört eine Haltung der Freundlichkeit, der Aufrichtigkeit und des respektvollen Umgangs miteinander.


Established in 1872, Zitha is guided by the ideals of helping those in need and offering compassion and humanity on the basis of Christian values, fulfilling its service to people in Luxembourg and Malawi. You can help too.

Every donation, every help counts

We listen to each other, with an open mind, with honest interest and empathy. This includes behaving kindly, sincerely and respectfully.