Zikomo – Hilfe für Malawi

Because education is the key to change

Malawi is one of the 5% poorest countries in the world. Above all, Malawians lack sufficient food, clean drinking water, basic medical care and adequate educational offerings.

Zikomo is committed to fight these issues.

About us

The ZithaSisters founded Zikomo – Hilfe for Malawi in 2007. Zikomo is a recognised charitable foundation under German law with its headquarters in Trier.

Its work is financed exclusively by donations.

Our main areas of support

Zikomo – Hilfe für Malawi has set itself the goal of promoting education in the area surrounding St. Gabriel’s Hospital, the hospital founded by the ZithaSisters. For example, scholarships allow children to attend higher education, vocational training or university. In addition, the foundation supports schools and kindergartens in purchasing necessary equipment. By building wells, the foundation contributes to promoting health in the region. Moreover, it participates in hunger relief projects at St. Gabriel’s Hospital. It also finances the purchase of medicines for treating people who cannot afford healthcare.

Our projects

Take a look at the projects we have already realised and those we are currently working on.



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