Focus on people and their values

Not everybody can look after themselves in old age or illness, meaning that they are dependent on help. ZithaSeniorenables people in need of care to live a dignified life based on their own values.

About us

The ZithaSenior S.A. homes in Luxembourg welcome people in need of care due to age and/or illness and who are therefore no longer able to look after themselves independently. Managed by doctors, ZithaSenior draws on the experience of the ZithaGroup, with care oriented towards its guiding principles.

Our work

The six ZithaSenior homes are home to people suffering inter alia from disorientation or dementia. Based on hospitality, readaptation, nursing, healthcare and pastoral service, residents are able to grow old enjoying the highest possible quality of life, trust and dignity. In line with the guiding principles of the Zitha Sisters and the ZithaGroup, ZithaSenior’s work is focused on individuals and their individual values.

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In accordance with its statutes, the Fondation Ste Zithe supports Zitha operations in Luxembourg and Malawi. You can help too.