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„Zitha“ is a well-known name in Luxembourg, associated with everything established by the ZithaSisters in the country over their almost 150-year history. A name synonymous with quality, humanity, personalised medical care and an open ear for people’s needs.

Many parts under a single umbrella

Better known as the ZithaSisters, the Congregation looks back on a history of almost 150 years spent helping those in need and offering compassion and humanity. Learn how it all began.
The ZithaSisters founded an African branch of their own congregation, the Carmelite Sisters. Young African sisters can today continue in their own country the work done by the ZithaSisters in and for Luxembourg.
The Fondation Ste Zithe is a foundation established by the ZithaSisters to safeguard the future of Zitha operations. Thanks to the foundation, the work of the ZithaSisters has a sustainable basis upholding their ideals. The Fondation Ste Zithe is active in Luxembourg and in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in Africa, where the ZithaSisters have been working as missionaries since 1959. The Fondation Ste Zithe holds 100% of the shares of ZithaSenior via the Congregation of the Carmelite Sisters.

Zikomo – Aid for Malawi is the latest foundation established by the ZithaSisters. Enshrined in its statutes, its main goals are to reduce poverty and promote health and education. 

Alongside the Fondation Ste Zithe, the ZithaSisters also founded Eng oppen Hand fir Malawi, an NGO providing sustainable and targeted development aid. Fighting hunger and malnutrition as well as improving living conditions and medical care are laying the foundations for a better future in one of Africa’s poorest countries.

Moyo Ngwathu is a locally registered NGO that is operating in Lilongwe district in the area of Senior Chief M’bwatalika. Our mission is to serve poor communities in rural areas of Malawi by promoting good health and wellbeing for the people in a transparent and accountable manner. We develop good and sustainable social service interventions through participatory approach thereby, contributing to the meaningful transformation of people’s lives and improved livelihood.

Quality, compassion, personalised medical care and an open ear for people’s needs – in the tradition of the ZithaGroup. Managed by ZithaSenior, 4 homes for the elderly provide their services in line with the guiding principles of the ZithaSisters. This offering is complemented by a range of other services.

As an innovative provider in the field of home care, ZithaMobil provides individual care based on Christian values, trust and appreciation from its bases in Luxembourg City, Consdorf, Pétange and Contern. Thanks to the work of an interdisciplinary care team, senior citizens and people in need of care are assured a high quality of life in their home environment – despite treatment.

ZithaFoyers supplements the ZithaMobil home care service with a daycare service. The daycare centres bring together the areas of health, psychology and leisure, enabling all senior citizens to mix socially and interact with each other. In addition to basic medical care, the focus is on a range of leisure and cultural activities run by qualified Zitha staff.

Regular fitness training preserves not only physical but also mental performance in old age. Thanks to ZithaAktiv, senior citizens have at their disposal a unique individual counselling and training offering, constantly developed on the basis of the latest scientific findings by a team of doctors, psychologists, researchers as well as occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

Regardless of a patient’s age, physiotherapy can help prevent, alleviate and treat physical ailments. Targeting musculoskeletal and other health problems, ZithaKiné restores body functions through targeted therapy. Conducted in individual sessions, specialised programmes, therapies and physiotherapeutic exercises address patients’ individual problems.

Quality, compassion, personalised medical care together with an open ear for people’s needs – this is also the tradition of the Zitha care homes, part of the ZithaGroup. Managed by ZithaSenior, the care homes form a strong community, offering their services in Luxembourg in line with the guiding principles of the ZithaSisters.

The residential homes run by ZithaRésidences are specially designed for senior citizens who want to live independently in old age, without having to dispense with a high-quality living comfort. Located in Luxembourg City, Pétange and Contern, the residential homes combine autonomous living in luxurious apartments and penthouses with the benefits and services of ZithaSeniories, allowing residents to react flexibly to the demands of old age.

Founded in 2021 on the basis of an agreement with the Luxembourg Ministry of Health, ZithaUnit is a mobile team of therapists specialised in the long-term care of people with chronic psychiatric illnesses. Its work focuses on supporting dementia patients whose brain damage was caused by alcohol or other addictions.

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In accordance with its statutes, the Fondation Ste Zithe supports Zitha operations in Luxembourg and Malawi. You can help too.


Seit 1872 folgt die Zitha auf Basis christlicher Werte den Idealen Hilfsbereitschaft, Mitgefühl und Menschlichkeit, um in Luxemburg und Malawi ihren Dienst am Menschen zu erfüllen. Helfen auch Sie.

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Wir hören einander offen, ehrlich interessiert und einfühlsam zu. Dazu gehört eine Haltung der Freundlichkeit, der Aufrichtigkeit und des respektvollen Umgangs miteinander.


Established in 1872, Zitha is guided by the ideals of helping those in need and offering compassion and humanity on the basis of Christian values, fulfilling its service to people in Luxembourg and Malawi. You can help too.

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We listen to each other, with an open mind, with honest interest and empathy. This includes behaving kindly, sincerely and respectfully.