The hairdressing salon in the Seniorie Saint Jean de la Croix Luxembourg

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“A hairdresser gives you a new lease of life”

A few years ago, this was the slogan of the German Hairdressers’ Guild. For many people, and especially women, a visit to the hairdresser is important for their well-being and satisfaction. Such a visit is a welcome break in everyday life, an appointment to look forward to. However, for senior citizens living in a home, a visit to a hairdressing salon is often no longer possible or very difficult. Improvised hairdressing over the bathroom sink, or even on a chair next to the bed, is just not the same. That is why, when the Saint Jean de la Croix home came up with the proposal in 2019 to set up a professional hairdressing salon on its premises, the Fondation Ste Zithe immediately pledged its support. The project was backed by €42,219.61 in donations made to the Fondation Ste Zithe on behalf of the Seniorie Saint Jean de la Croix. A neighbouring salon was found which now offers – at set hours – everything that is good for the residents and what they want for their hair

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all donors who made this possible.

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