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No water, no life!

Of Malawi’s 21-million population, several million are estimated to have no access to clean drinking water. As a result of inadequate wastewater treatment, contaminated springs and polluted water points, thousands of people die each year from preventable diseases.

For this reason, water supply and sanitation are a particular focus of the development aid provided by the NGO Eng oppen Hand fir Malawi. The focus is on the roots of the foundation, St. Gabriel’s Hospital in Namitete, which provides healthcare to a catchment area of some 250,000 people.

Between 2004 and 2007 €141,298.30 were invested in restoring the water system. Among other things 2 wells were built, used by the neighbouring villages and patients’ families. Furthermore, Eng oppen Hand fir Malawi supported a new rainwater drainage system to prevent flooding to the tune of €108,400. Likewise, in 2008-2013, a total of €288,501 was allocated to a wide-ranging project covering water, agriculture and education and aimed at improving the living conditions of the villagers of Chinyata (Walirani region, Namitete district). The money was spent inter alia on drilling five wells and repairing two more, building latrines and instructing some 3000 villagers in hygiene and the use of clean water. Some 350 families benefit from the new facilities which also provide reliable water during the dry season.

In recent years, Eng oppen Hand fir Malawi has also supported development projects with a focus on water with your donations and will continue to do so in the future.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all donors who made this possible.

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Seit 1872 folgt die Zitha auf Basis christlicher Werte den Idealen Hilfsbereitschaft, Mitgefühl und Menschlichkeit, um in Luxemburg und Malawi ihren Dienst am Menschen zu erfüllen. Helfen auch Sie.

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Established in 1872, Zitha is guided by the ideals of helping those in need and offering compassion and humanity on the basis of Christian values, fulfilling its service to people in Luxembourg and Malawi. You can help too.

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