Aid for self-help

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Focusing on development aid, the NGO Eng oppen Hand fir Malawi has already realised numerous projects aimed at helping people to help themselves.
One of these projects is CABU.

CABU was a 3-year funded with a total of €357,501. CABU stands for “Capacity Building” and its aim was to support the staff of Zitha’s partner St. Gabriel’s Hospital in implementing their own projects. The support focused on project management, knowledge transfer, local training and an NGO office. The aim was to train employees in project management, enabling them to realise projects more professionally. A team of Luxembourg professionals and teachers travelled to Malawi twice a year to pass on their knowledge to the technical team and hospital pharmacy staff as well as to teaching staff of Chinyata and Sele. Local training opportunities and an NGO office also ensured that the support measures would continue and that the project work could become more professional.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all donors who made this possible.

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