In 1995, Fondation Ste Zithe was founded as a non-profit organisation and registered under Luxembourg law.
In 2007, statutory changes entered into effect by grand ducal decree. Since then, Foundation Ste Zithe has operated as “umbrella organisation” of the Carmelite Sisters’ works. Besides securing the congregation and the sisters, Foundation Ste Zithe´s main purpose is to contribute to social and charitable causes by donation.

Thanks to our donors, many projects have been realised in the past.

In 2007, Stiftung Hilfe für Malawi - Zikomo ("Help for Malawi- Zikomo") was founded by Fondation Ste Zithe under German law having its registered office in Trier/Germany. The main activity of this non-profit organisation is to financially assist in the activities of ZithaGroup in Malawi.

Among Fondation Ste Zithe, the Luxembourgish NGO “Eng oppen Hand fir Malawi” ("An open hand for Malawi") has been created in order to support development work in Malawi as well.

Fondation Ste Zithe has realised many of its projects in cooperation with Stiftung Hilfe für Malawi - Zikomo and NGO “Eng oppen Hand fir Malawi”.

Since 2012 Fondation Ste Zithe is an associated member of “Don en Confiance Luxembourg a.s.b.l.”.

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Motherhouse of Carmelite Sisters Luxembourg
View of the motherhouse's courtyard of Carmelite Sisters Luxembourg